Board of Directors

Beth Wood, President & Chair of the Board Development Committee

Beth Wood has been a member of the SPLPT since its beginning.  She has lived on Cedar Lake for 28 years and considers herself fortunate to watch the sun rise over the McMurtrie Preserve each morning.   The protection of natural resources has been a lifelong passion and she encourages you to join the SPLPT!

Rita LawsonRita Lawson, Vice President

As a girl, Rita Lawson enjoyed summer sessions at St. Paul Camp Fire’s Camp Ojiketa near Chisago City, MN and camping/canoe trips on the St. Croix River.  After teaching English and German in Somerset for 10 years she worked with her husband building Laser Machining, now Preco, in Somerset.  Rita has served on the Somerset Library, St. Croix Valley Foundation, and St. Croix Scenic Coalition boards.

Alaina Fedie - PhotoAlaina Fedie, Treasurer

Alaina Fedie is a Laboratory Technician at the St. Croix Watershed Research Station, a field station of the Science Museum of Minnesota. She conducts various analyses of water and sediment samples on research projects for staff scientists at the Research Station and other state and federal agencies. She also does fieldwork which includes sediment coring, water sampling, data collection, seed collection and prairie burns.  Alaina grew up on a hobby farm in central Minnesota where a deep affinity for nature and land conservation was cultivated.  She continues to foster her love a nature through photography, stained glass art, and camping in the great outdoors.

Mike Reiter, Secretary & Chair of the Education Committee

Mike Reiter retired from 3M in 2004 after spending 35 years as a Pharmacology Research Biologist. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Star Prairie Land Preservation Trust since 2005 and as its secretary since 2007. He is currently the Chair of the Education Committee. Mike enjoys hunting, fishing and other outdoor-related activities.

Michael Kelly, Chair of the Property Acquisition & Management Committee

Michael Kelly is a retired Electrical Engineer who serves on the boards of Star Prairie Fish & Game, Upper Willow River Rehabilitation District, and Erin Prairie Plan Commission.   He is a 35-year resident of Erin Prairie.

Trish Moberg, Board Member

Trish Moberg is a high school mathematics teacher for the school district of New Richmond.  She enjoys spending time with her family fishing, hiking, and participating in other outdoor activities.  She works closely with the Trust’s Education Committee, connecting students with its activities and programs.

image001Shawn Schottler, Board Member

Shawn Schottler, Ph.D., is a Senior Scientist at the St. Croix Watershed Research Station (SCWRS), a field station of the Science Museum of Minnesota. Shawn conducts research on land management practices to improve water quality and reduce soil erosion.   He also maintains and studies several hundred acres of prairie restoration experiments at the SCWRS. Shawn is a lifelong resident of the St. Croix Valley and continues to grow Christmas Trees and native prairie seeds on his farm north of Somerset.

Don Demulling, Board Member

Don Demulling is a 44 year retired Andersen Corporation Machine Tooling Designer. He is also on the Cedar Lake Protection and Rehabilitation Board of Directors and is a member of the Star Prairie Fish & Game.

 Jackie ElkinJackie Elkin, Board Member

Jackie Elkin lives in Star Prairie and is a Cedar Lake resident.  She has a keen interest in environmental protection and has always had a passion for the outdoors and nature in just about any capacity, i.e.,   sports, hunting, fishing, working, camping, hiking or just relaxing.  Professionally, she has enjoyed more than 30 years in the medical device industry and is employed by Medtronic in Global Regulatory Affairs, Advocacy and Public Policy.