Conservation Easements


Would you like to establish a conservation easement on your property?

By establishing a conservation easement with the Star Prairie Land Preservation Trust, you can permanently protect the environmental value and natural features of your property, while still retaining ownership and usage, and allowing future sale or inheritance of your property.  We will work with you to design an agreement that reflects your family’s goals, and it may even provide tax advantages.  (Establishing a conservation easement does not require public access.)

The Star Prairie Land Preservation Trust prioritizes land parcels,  that have some or all of the following features:

  • Is adjacent to water resources,
  • Has significant wildlife value,
  • Is adjacent to public land or protected private land,
  • Is threatened by development pressure,
  • Has significant scenic value, and/or
  • Provides opportunities for environmental education, non-motorized recreational trails, or canoe/kayak landings.

Conservation Options for Landowners (pdf)
Conservation Easements (pdf)
Land Trusts (pdf)
Tax Benefits (pdf)